Shanna’s Chiropractic Experience

February 23rd, 2011 by

“I have been seeing Dr. Nicole Clemente for about 2 years.  I’ve had some issues in the past with pain in my hips and lower back.  Dr. Nicole has definitely kept me feeling well and able to function normally.  When I found out I was pregnant, Dr. Nicole began to specialize my care.

 In the beginning I had a few instances of round ligament pain.  Dr. Nicole has kept those ligaments pain free and I haven’t had any more issues with them.  My back and hips have felt really good, allowing me to continue walking without “waddling”.   The baby is in the corrent head down or vertex position now and has stayed comfortably in this position. 

 Right now I am 29 weeks and definitely feeling bigger and bulkier.  I’ve continued to see Dr. Nicole regularly.  During the time in between appointments, I begin to feel a little more uncomfortable, but Dr. Nicole’s treatments leave me feeling so much better. 

 In addition, I am currently also seeing a great OB/GYN.  I’ve told her about some of my aches and discomforts, and have been told they are normal – with an attitude that the pain and discomfort are to be accepted and that I am to just learn to deal with them.  When I’ve mentioned this to Dr. Nicole, she has carefully listened and adjusted my hips and lower back accordingly, so that the pain is either gone or manageable.”